Sanctioned Event
This event is sanctioned by the Canadian Volkssport Federation (CVF), a member of the International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV) and is eligible for the IVV achievement award program.


The IRON MATRON of the Times Colonist ...

Find out how Sharie Epp of the Times Colonist trained

Urban Poling....compared to regular walking, Nordic walking burns between 20 and 46 percent more calories


Parking in Youbou is limited to the old mill site only, arrive early. Please obey traffic flag persons’ directions. Plan to park near the finish in Lake Cowichan where parking is plentiful and there is a bus, or car pool to the start in Youbou (13 km). Information on the frequent shuttles from the finish site to Youbou is posted at the finish site.

Bring several pairs of socks to change along the way. This helps keep your feet dry. Double insulated sport socks are the best.

Wear a hat in any weather, sun or rain.

Bring a small pen flashlight as it is very dark at 5:00 A.M. FOR SAFETY REASONS, NO LATE STARTES ARE PERMITTED.

Remove rings and watches, your fingers and hands will swell.

Good shoes already broken in and a second pair a size larger is recommended. If you do not have a second pair of shoes, try different weights in sport socks.

Put a very small amount of Vaseline between your toes. Do not use talc as it acts as an abrasive.

Light gloves are recommended.

Rainwear, even a $1.50 rain poncho, is light to pack and also good in the wind. Large garbage bags work as well, with neck and arm holes.

A back pack won’t be necessary and will be cumbersome and heavy as you tire.

Ibuprofen may help with the aches and pains. Be sure to bring other essential medications that you need.

- For electrolyte & sodium replacement, I used Nuun tablets, which I added to the water from the rest-stops (I also guzzled plenty of gatorade). www.nuun.com

- For blister-prevention, I used big pieces of Dr. Scholl's moleskin this time, instead of just using a few smaller patches. I had one big piece on the bottom of each foot, just below the toes. I also had a large wrap-around patch on each heel. I still ended up with some heel blisters, but no bottom-of-foot blisters.

Eat lightly but drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated.

When you are finished the walk, keep drinking fluids and keep moving while your body readjusts and muscles relax.

Medical personnel will be on hand at the finish line to offer assistance to all walkers/runners.


Tips that worked...from Noni Baanstra

I wore German made leather shoes called: ROHDES www.softmoc.com/ca/rohde-shoes.aspavailable at: SOFTMOC, 3147 Douglas Street Victoria, B.C. and other locations across the country

I bought my shoes in Germany in 2001 and they can be washed in a washing machine! From the first time walking for hours in Germany they were as comfortable as slippers! I had absolutely no blisters, no sore spots! I rubbed my heels with Ombra Melkfet (a German salve). The shoes and salve can be found on the internet just google the names. Extra thick support soles.

Before and After

I wore panty-hose and very thin synthetic socks (Nine West) over them but you can wear two pair of synthetic socks . The interior of the shoes are also synthetic mesh. The two pair of layered socks rub between themselves and not on your feet. Just try it !